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Mystery and opportunity come forth whenever nature is near... something I learned as a child while building sandcastles with my brothers on the shore of Lake Michigan; how time and energy vanished in that moment of exploration - and discovery was never far behind. 

It's now much later... but little has changed. Nature still leads the way, presenting one adventure after another. Mostly what was discovered along the way is long forgotten, yet the guiding principles found in the natural world as a child remain constant and true.

Playing hard in the sand and water has been the journey of a lifetime. Still at it - I created Geomorphic Creations (Geo Designs) in 1989 to make things from the Earth... mostly using sand and water! 

Nature inspires me and I wanted to find a way to express this feeling for others to enjoy. Inventing “Geomorphic Rock” did the trick. It provided a material much like stone that seemed to have inexhaustible applications.

At the RailRoadRanch Studio this unique stone-like material has been used to create all kinds of unique artworks as well as the decorative switch cover known as the Geo Plate.

Sharing these creative effects with wonderful people around the country through galleries, at art shows and on the internet has brought satisfaction, humility and the irreplaceable freedom that accompanies any independent lifestyle.

Observing serendipity's role as Muse throughout this journey served to strengthen its mystery and give purpose for reflection and appreciation.

Whatever the sum of such experience might be, one thing is certain: its entirety is reflected within the most recent challenge. Geo Plates are the outcome of that vision experienced by a child playing on the beach and from which an unimaginable journey transpired: a journey both gratifying and mystifying, and one that will forever be illuminating.

Campbell Auer

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