America's Premier Decorative Switch Cover. Designed for durability and made for appreciation, the GEOPLATE melds natural symbols, sandstone and art to create a most distinctive wall decor that will be endeared to family and friends for generations.

Every GEOPLATE is a one-of-a-kind art piece, allowing our patrons to create a personal harmony of colors and designs that is truely unique.

TIMELESS works of art that suggest remembrance of past civilizations are depicted on geoplate switch plate covers and other decorative Southwest accessories.

SOMEWHERE in our evolution, in a desert region we now call part of the United States, native people found an ideal geography for the expression and communication of their culture. By chipping away the surface of large stones that were darkened from age, the fresh contrasting colors just below were exposed. Many of these "petroglyphs" are still with us today, providing a visual record of obscure events in our ancestors' lives. THESE ancient symbols help remind us that it is the legacy of each lizard switch plate cover individual (of any place or time) to ascend to that space where one's life symbols may truly be reflected in their future. Knowing this, it is from such a legacy that legends are born.

GeoPlate DurabilityEvery geoplate is carefully handcrafted. Although in the early years I used earth colors that I gathered from around the country, today I specially treat and color silica's, minerals from the Mediterranean, Africa and South America. A few special ingredients to improve light refraction and strength are then added. Everything is held together using proprietary, high-tech bonding formulas that are nontoxic and resistant to normal usage.

It takes anywhere from seven to ten days for each geoplate to be made, during which time it goes through more than a dozen separate stages of development, each requiring detailed handling and care. Finally, each piece is bathed in the intense Arizona sunlight and heat, allowing it to cure in a slow, natural process.

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Campbell Auer